Auralite 23 | Tumble | 500 grams

Auralite 23 Tumble 500 grams

Approx. Size : 20 – 30mm

Price is for 500 grams, the photo is a representation of current stock, tumbles  will be specially selected for you of similar size and quality

Auralite 23 is said to be a stronger and more intense gem when compared to regular Amethyst. Placed on the crown chakra will bring peace, calm and tranquility to the mind and bring about a sense of being in the presence of the sacred, bringing forth the reminder of your own sacred nature.  Because of this a deeper meditation state can be attained.  Placing a piece on the Crown Chakra and a piece on the Heart Chakra creates a powerful circuit integrating heart awareness with the usual sense of self.  ” I choose my highest spiritual path, and surrender into union with my Higher self”  (Robert Simmons Book of Stones)


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